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Lids, lumps and bumps

Lumps and bumps on the lids are very common. They are usually due to small cysts or benign lesions. If you have a lid lump or bump which is new and getting bigger then it should be looked at to ensure that it is not a small skin cancer. Skin cancers can usually easily be removed, especially if they are small. The commonest type of skin cancer, called a basal cell carcinoma, does not spread elsewhere in the body so excision is a cure.    

If you are worried about a possible lid abnormality, please contact my secretary for an appointment.

Lid Problems including:


Styes occur due to infection of glands within the lids and can be related to blepharitis. They often resolve with non surgical treatment but can sometimes require a short operation under local anaesthetic.


Ingrowing lashes 

Ingrowing lashes can be very uncomfortable. They can be plucked out. However if they become recurrent they can be treated with electrolysis under local anaesthetic.


Abnormal lid position

Abnormalities of lid position can occur as one gets older. The commonest types are entropion where the lower lid turns in or ectropion where the lower lid turns out. They can be both treated with surgical repair under local anaesthetic. 

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